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11/3 Pack Meeting - Service Night
11/5 Overnight Camping Trip
11/5 Webelos II: Troop 119 Campout
11/7 Leadership Committee Meeting
11/11 Veterans Day Parade
11/12 Webelos II: Troop 10 Campout
11/17 Den Meetings
11/19 Webelos II: Troop 160 Campout
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Calendar of Events

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Pack Meeting - Service Night November 3rd (Thursday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Overnight Camping Trip November 5th-6th (Saturday-Sunday) New HampshirePack Camping
Webelos II: Troop 119 Campout November 5th-6th (Saturday-Sunday) TBDWeb II Only
Leadership Committee Meeting November 7th (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Veterans Day Parade November 11th (Friday)  Pack Outing
Webelos II: Troop 10 Campout November 12th-13th (Saturday-Sunday) TBDWeb II Only
Den Meetings November 17th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Webelos II: Troop 160 Campout November 19th-20th (Saturday-Sunday) TBDWeb II Only
Pack Meeting - Bear Cub Carnival, get Pinewood kits December 1st (Thursday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Winter Service Project - Food Pantry Collections December 3rd (Saturday) Stop & Shop, LexingtonPack Outing
Leadership Committee Meeting December 6th (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Den Meetings December 8th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Leadership Committee Meeting January 2nd (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Webelos II: Troop 160 Visit January 5th (Thursday) St. Brigid's ChurchWeb II Only
Webelos II: Troop 10 Visit January 11th (Wednesday)  Web II Only
Pack Meeting - Topic TBD January 12th (Thursday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Den Meetings January 19th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Pinewood Derby Prep and Movie Night January 21st (Saturday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Webelos II: Troop 119 Visit January 26th (Thursday)  Web II Only
Leadership Committee Meeting February 6th (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Pinewood Derby Weigh-ins February 7th (Tuesday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Pack Meeting - Pinewood Derby! February 9th (Thursday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Den Meetings February 16th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Webelos II: Boy Scout Troop Selections Due February 28th (Tuesday)  Web II Only
Leadership Committee Meeting March 6th (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Blue and Gold Banquet March 10th (Friday) Knights of Columbus Hall, LexingtonPack Outing
Webelos II: New Boy Scout Meetings March 15th-16th (Wednesday-Thursday) Troop Meeting LocationWeb II Only
Den Meetings March 16th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Spring Overnight: Battleship Cove March 18th-19th (Saturday-Sunday) Battleship Cove, Fall RiverPack Outing
Leadership Committee Meeting April 3rd (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Pack Meeting - Topic TBD April 6th (Thursday) St. Brigid's ChurchPack
Den Meetings April 13th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Easter (FYI) April 16th (Sunday)   
Patriots Day Parade April 17th (Monday)  Pack Outing
Leadership Committee Meeting May 1st (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Den Meetings (+schedule separate campouts) May 11th (Thursday) Ask your Den leader 
Sprint Service Project - TBD May 21st (Sunday)  Pack Outing
Lexington Discovery Day May 27th (Saturday) 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Lexington CenterPack Outing
Leadership Committee Meeting June 5th (Monday) Cary LibraryLeaders
Tiger Crossover June 7th (Wednesday) Behind Bridge SchoolPack Outing
Tiger Crossover [Rain Date] June 8th (Thursday) Behind Bridge SchoolPack Outing
Super Soaker Blast! June 13th (Tuesday)  Pack Outing
Super Soaker Blast! [Rain Date] June 14th (Wednesday)  Pack Outing